Ecological Clerk of Works

Ecological Clerk of Works

Our highly qualified ecologists will make sure that there are no ecological receptors or protected species present on site before any development project kicks off. This will allow our clients to focus more on other important tasks, pertaining to the project and leave their wildlife protection concerns for us to care. The presence of ECoW can be extremely useful in identifying, whether or not—there is any sort of ecological receptors or protected species on site. The point is, even the unintentional breaches of wildlife law can be costly and lead a negative impact on the whole project. The lawsuits can further increase your project’s development costs. At Best Ecology, we ensure that protected species are well evacuated before the commencement of any development activity.

A comprehensive analysis is conducted and results are recorded of any activity of protected species in the most ideal tone and fashion. At Best Ecology, we work together with large ecological consultancy firms, project managers, architects, real-estate developers, site engineers, contractors etc. in order to make sure that there is no protected species or wildlife presence on site.

The ECoW consent and compliance help enable all the stakeholders to get the clear picture of their respective sites and take possible measures to limit the risk of danger of protected species and protected habitats in the construction and operational phases of developments. At Best Ecology, we provide comprehensive reports to site health and safety checks, which give our residential, commercial and industrial clients in both—private and public sector—exactly know what protected species are there on site and what needs to be done to translocate them to safe places nearby.

Besides translocating the protected species, we also know the right methods of capturing animals’ onsite, which gives us a competitive advantage over other players in the industry.


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Protected species translocation

  • Our ecologists are trained and have years of experience in reptile and great crested newt mitigation, surveying, trapping, handling, and safely translocate these species from the development site to new receptor site.
  • We have completed numerous reptile and newt translocation from small and large projects, and aware of the proper methods of capturing the target animals
  •  To keep your client’s projects running on time, we work hard and are effective in capturing to quickly eliminate any protected species from your site, while maintaining the most important part our job the protection of our wildlife

Habitat creation and maintenance

Our mitigation services include:

  • Carrying out translocations of reptiles, great crested newts, and other protected species from development sites
  • Habitat manipulation to help with capture effort, this involves cutting or to reduce vegetation cover to deter animals from cleared areas
  • Habitat creation and restoration works, such as ponds, hibernacula, and log pile creation
  • Destructive searching – searching by hand or using excavators for reptiles and great crested newts, where trapping is completed but small numbers of animals remain
  • Practical management works removal of vegetation to enhance areas for wildlife
  • Installation of wildlife exclusion fencing and regular maintenance and removal